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About Atasis

ATASIS is one of the leading companies in Turkey's Sheet Metal Processing Market, provides customers second hand machines and spare parts and also installation, service and maintenance ministration.

With over 15 years of experience ATASIS becomes expert in the field and has "Installation, Service, Maintenance" certificates and diploma approved by Trumpf.

ATASIS provides "Certificated Trainings" to the companies in order to use their existing machines smoothly and efficiently.


Most Viewed Spare Parts

1237260 THALES RS2048 CJC

Thales RS2048 CJC Pyrobloc ® sistemleri, tüplerde daha uzun çalışma ömürü anlamına gelir, bu da Tezgah çalıştırma maliyetinizi düşürür.

0941996 Vakum Pompası HYCO

Vakum Pompası HYCO

Microlube GB00 Klüber

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