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Ürün Detayları

Trumabent v320x

Ürün Kodu: 190314/1
Üretim Yılı:2004
Lazer Gücü:
Çalışma Saati:


Year: 12/2004

Working hours machine: 41,585 h (03/14)

Tonnage approx.: 3200 kN

Bending length approx.: 4080 mm

Control: DA-69 on Windows

Width of bed approx.: 200 mm

Operating height approx.: 1050 mm

Distance between side frames

approx.:3680 mm

Eff. open height approx.: 535 mm

Space requirement approx.: 4650 x 2170 x 3095 mm

Machine weight approx.: 24.500 kg

Electrical connected load approx.: 50 kVA

Standard configuration

- Stable machine frame

- Ram, highly restistant to torsional forces

- Electro hydraulic down stroking via proportional valves

- Modern block hydraulics

- Backgauge system with rack-and-pinion drive for X and R axes, 2 finger stops with safe adjustment from the front

- 2D graphic control DA69 with 10.4" color display

- Oil cooler

Extended machine accessories

- Backgauge system (6-axes) with switch cabinet cooling

- Gauge finger 1160 mm for 6-axes (2 pcs.)

- Upper tool holder, hydraulic and harded

- Bottom tool holder, hydraulic

- Crowning CNC

- Bendguard

- Foot switch

- Additional control panel

- Bending aid first and second arm

- Table length extension

- Table width extension

- Parking position 900 mm for up to two bending aids

- Prepared for ACB

- Network capability

- Working area lighting

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